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WHALEBACK uses state of the art SURFIS composite resin systems that are backed by over five decades of formulating success. These epoxy-based resins are developed specifically for paddle and surf boards, to improve the overall strength, durability, UV resistance, and color retention of the boards. They are user friendly, simplify the manufacturing process, and result in a cleaner and safer work environment.


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Boards are cut from scratch using a wire cutting machine and first-of-its kind CNC router, then built up using an advanced resin infusion method that further improves the strength and overall performance of the board. Resin infusion is preferred over more traditional methods of board building, in that it produces a stronger and lighter board, by allowing resin to be applied in complete uniformity throughout the board. This eliminates resin rich areas and excess resin, both of which can reduce stability and strength. Our resin infusion system reduces production time and also allows for a cleaner and safer work environment.


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WHALEBACK, together with SURFIS, continues to research and develop new resin compounds, and improve upon existing technologies, in order to pave the way for continued progress and development of new and i
mproved products.

These are the building blocks of WHALEBACK technology.


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