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WHALEBACK is a family brand, created by the Caporaso family, a family with an expertise in the development of high performance resins, a passion for an active and adventurous lifestyle, and an appreciation of the entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1959, the Caporaso family founded ABATRON, Inc., a company specializing in the research, formulation, and manufacture of epoxy and related compounds. ABATRON initially served the OEM market, developing compounds for electronics, adhesives, coatings, composites, molds, and castings, until the early 1980s, when the company expanded and began to fill the demand for high-quality building and restoration products. While ABATRON has continued to grow and has become one of the leading companies in its industry over the last several decades, the Caporaso family was not content to stop there.

In 2012, the family’s creativity and thirst for innovation drove them to begin experimenting with the creation and development of new high performance composite resins systems. In 2013, the family founded SURFIS, Inc., a unique group of chemists and designers who consult on and design composite resins for a broad range of industries. Years earlier, Marco Caporaso had visited Key West, Florida, and had tried paddleboarding for the first time. The idea of getting a full-body workout while gliding tranquilly along the surface of the water, as well as the idea that paddleboarding could be a means of transportation in addition to a source of fun and adventure appealed to Marco. It resonated so deeply that, years later, he began looking for a way to integrate this hobby with his work, and decided to start building boards. He began by experimenting with existing SURFIS products, and after months of research, trial, and testing, SURFIS developed resins specifically for the creation of stand up paddle and surf boards. Using newly formulated SURFIS resin compounds, along with a unique production process, Marco turned his hobby into a brand.

In 2014, SURFIS, Inc. launched WHALEBACK, an innovative brand of standup paddleboards, developed using state of the art materials and cutting edge technology. WHALEBACK boards are developed and manufactured exclusively in the United States.


Why Whaleback

Here are a few more reasons why we think we’re the best at what we do…

WHALEBACK is an all-American brand. Boards are designed, developed, and manufactured exclusively in the United States, using American manufactured materials.

WHALEBACK’s process is clean. We keep a clean work environment, resulting in less VOCs, less waste, and a limited environmental footprint.

WHALEBACK boards are vacuum infused, resulting in resin uniformity and improved strength and durability.

WHALEBACK boards are built using state-of-the-art composite resin systems, designed specifically for SUP and surf boards, and we are constantly working to improve this process. Advantages of our process include improved strength and durability, color, and UV stability.

WHALEBACK boards are hand painted, using marine grade coatings, so each one has a personal touch.

WHALEBACK offers the option for customization and private labeling, using our online customization feature.

WHALEBACK offers competitive retail rates as well as exclusive wholesale rates and leasing packages for resorts and rental outfitters.

WHALEBACK recycles. Not only do we offer used boards at affordable prices, we reuse excess materials to improve upon existing products and create new ones.

WHALEBACK boards are for the whole family. Our non-slip traction pads provide a comfortable platform for kids and four-legged friends.

WHALEBACK boards are Board Buddy approved – just ask Indy Dog.